Still Game’s Gavin Mitchell and Sanjeev Kohli stayed in touch during the lockdown by walking their dogs

Still Game’s Gavin Mitchell and Sanjeev Kohli kept in touch during the lockdown by meeting in the park with their dogs.

Gavin, who plays Boaby the bartender and Sanjeev, who plays shopkeeper Navid in the hit series, managed to keep his sanity by taking their dogs Boaby and Benji for a walk.

The couple explained how they managed to make the lockdown bearable at the Daily Record’s Pride of Scotland Awards on Wednesday night.

As he mingled with other people for the first time at a safe distance, Gavin admitted, “You feel dizzy to be outside and be away from home like you have been for some time. time.

Sanjeev said: “Gavin said he had been to Coatbridge before now. He’s been bleeding from his nose ever since.”

Gavin admitted, “I’m a thrill-seeker at least. I’m dizzy. It was an industrial area, nice view.”

He added: “We saw each other walking our dogs in the park.

Gavin’s dog is called Boaby, just like his famous Still Game character while Sanjeev’s is called Benji.

Sanjeev joked: “He has a Boaby and I have a Benji ‘

“We took them for a walk in the park.

“When we saw each other tonight, the instinct was to hug each other.”

Both talents believed they had gained some locking weight, emphasizing that in their bellies.

Gavin said, “You have to keep your distance because I could cut your head off with one of these buttons.”

Sanjeev had earlier admitted that one of the buttons even popped out on his new TK Maxx suit.

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