Study reveals which video games cause the most @ # $% in ‘Jure

A new study from Buzz Bingo explores toxicity in online multiplayer gaming communities and determines which games and consoles promote the curse the most.

Voice conversations in online multiplayer games are notoriously toxic, with profanity and slurs being incredibly common. A new study looked at which gaming communities, consoles, and streamers have the most offensive language.

To carry out the study, a team of Buzz bingo sampled 100 Twitch and YouTube Gaming streams, analyzing over 25 hours of content and calculating the average number of profanity spoken. Researchers found that Ubisoft players Tom clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege had the highest average score; swearing occurred an average of 146 times every 15 minutes, which represents “a whopping 584 swear words per hour or 1 swear word every 7 seconds”.

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FIFA 21 came in second with an average of 138 swear words every 15 minutes, Call of Duty: War Zone in third with an average of 121 swear words and Halo: The Master Chief Collection in fourth with an average of 109 swear words. Grand Theft Auto V and Counter strike tied for fifth with average scores of 107 swear words. League of Legends, despite its reputation for having one of the most toxic online communities, had less than half the average number of swear words that Rainbow Six Siege, scoring an average of 69. Other games that made the top 15 list include Apex Legends, Fornite, Dark Souls 3 and Resident Evil Village.

Researchers also explored popular consoles and streamers. By comparing PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, they found that PC gamers tend to curse the most. However, all types have an average rate of over 300 swear words per hour, which translates to roughly one swear word every 10 seconds! In terms of individual streamers, the researchers focused on those “with a large number of online followers” and “discovered who just can’t stop swearing.” Felix Lengyel – better known as xQc – cursed the study sample the most (a full list of sampled streamers was not provided in the Buzz Bingo research article). He averages 77 swear words every 15 minutes, which equates to 308 swear words per hour or one swear word every 12 seconds or so, earning him the title of “most jaded streamer.”

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The researchers also determined which streamer in their sample swears the least, and surprisingly, it was PewDiePie (i.e. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg). Army Chief Bro’s average swear rate was 12 every 15 minutes, making him the “cleanest game streamer.”

Buzz Bingo’s analysis of profanity in online multiplayer games joins a recent wave of mainstream video game research that also includes an exploration of diversity in video games and an examination of the overlap between avatar selection and the gender of the players.

Rainbow Six Siege is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. Fans can follow xQc and PewDiePie and watch their live streams on YouTube and Twitch.

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Source: Buzz bingo

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