Sunday with Ice-T: “Playing video games distracts me from real life” | Sunday with…

Up early? Since I do Law and order From Monday to Friday, I try to sleep in, but I naturally wake up around 9am.

What’s for breakfast? One thing I know: in Britain, you eat baked beans for breakfast. I love baked beans, but that’s not part of an American breakfast. I will have easier or scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and French toast.

Sunday morning? I wonder what to do with my daughter, Chanel – she is seven years old. We usually go to the cinema. She loves horror. Not clowns or dolls, but zombies and vampires and anyone with a mask and a knife. The sign reads: Parental Guidance “Suggested”. I’m an actor, so she understands the blood is fake. We said we’d stop letting her watch when she had nightmares. She hasn’t done it yet.

Sunday lunch? The cinema brings you food while you watch. I’ll have nachos with steak or quesadillas. I avoid fried chicken because they cook the life out of it.

After the cinema? I am a gamer. Playing video games distracts me from my real life. While I’m fighting a monster, I’m dealing with this problem, not mine.

Sunday relaxation? I may watch TV, but I don’t have time to binge. I will look Law and Order: SVU to criticize me. I can grope my lines, but I often think: “Shit. I pretend.

Sunday cleaning? Fortunately, my wife, Coco, is addicted to cleaning. I have a wife who, when angry or upset, finds cleaning to be like therapy. Like her mother, she has cleanliness in her DNA.

Sunday snack? I had a hard time eating sweet things at night – ice cream, cookies, crap like that. Now I eat Cheerios. That’s the cool thing about being an adult: you can eat cereal whenever you want.

Last thing before lights out? A lot of people say, “We don’t have TVs in the bedroom. I’m like, ‘Why?’ “It stops the sex.” If a TV is preventing you from having sex, you have the wrong partner. That’s why there’s a fucking stop button.

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