The 10 Cutest Video Game Enemies Ever, Ranked

Video game enemies don’t always look like adversaries, even though that’s their purpose. Sometimes this is due to the overall aesthetic of the game, as some art styles are cuter than others. Other times, it can even be a red herring to keep players oblivious to the horrors and challenges ahead.

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Whether accidental or deliberately chosen to surprise players, enemies often end up looking more adorable than malicious. That doesn’t stop them from being dangerous, though. Instead, it only makes the player wish they could back out of combat and kiss their opponent without risking death.

ten Minecraft Ghasts looks calm and sad

Minecraft Ghast in the Nether

ghosts of Minecraft float around the Nether like sad, ghostly squids. Their typical expression is three horizontal lines, which makes them appear neutral, more like calm types than horrifying monsters. Ghasts also sometimes cry audibly, which players can hear from a significant distance.

They are, however, a hostile mob and will therefore attack players if they spot one. While many players consider them an easier mob to fight, they can pose a bigger threat in groups or when joining an attack from other mobs.

9 Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion has fun cardboard cutouts

Specimen 1 Slime Version of Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion

In the indie game Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion, the first obstacle players encounter is called Specimen 1. This particular specimen is a series of cardboard cutouts that shoot out of the wall and make a loud noise to the player. There are several forms of this enemy, some of which include a green slime creature, a coffee mug, and a pumpkin named Sam.

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Almost all of the designs in Specimen 1 use bright colors and an adorable cartoon face. They do not damage the player when they exit, but they can be a deadly delay or distraction when the player is being chased by one of the scarier specimens.

8 Cuphead’s Grim Matchstick plays with nostalgia

Cuphead's Sinister Match Battle

There’s no denying how adorable Grim Matchstick is Cuphead. Not that players have long to admire him before he starts trying to fire them up. Its bright colors are reminiscent of children’s cartoons of a bygone era, just as the game itself is meant to mimic vintage animation.

He appears to be a sweet, adventurous creature with big eyes and a chubby belly. Even according to death screens for his fight, he doesn’t want to hurt the player. On these screens, he stutters an apology.

7 Breath Of The Wild Makes Chuchus Cuter Than Ever

Although Chuchu’s enemies were present in the The Legend of Zelda franchised since Majora’s mask, most of their appearances on the show have been like erect balls of slime with bulbous eyes and wide mouths. In breath of the wildhowever, they have changed.

The artists eschewed the earlier forms of Chuchu in favor of rounder, more shapeless drops of brightly colored jelly. They also removed the creatures’ disturbing mouths. As a result, fans may still recognize Chuchus, but they’re way cuter than before.

6 Shadows are adorable in Kingdom Hearts

A Heartless Shadow from Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, enemies are plentiful and seem to be around every corner. This is meant to overwhelm the player, surrounding them with horrible beasts of darkness. Shadows, the lowest level of Heartless, are different. There’s something about Shadows that makes them so endearing to fans.

It could be the way they walk around the map or their big round eyes. It could be that Sora becomes playable at the end of the first game. In all cases, Kingdom Hearts fans adore the Shadows and describe them more as lovable pets than nuisance pests.

5 The Tonberry carries a dangerous weapon in Final Fantasy

Tonberry spawning in Sector 5

A recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series is the Tonberry. They have been present in the series since Final Fantasy V. Their most recent appearance was in the remake of Final Fantasy VII in 2020.

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Although some have slight variations, most Tonberries are the same. They are short green figures with round heads, fish-like tails and large eyes. They wear hooded capes and hold a lantern in one hand. The other hand holds a knife, which they use to attack players. Although they may seem modest, Final Fantasy fans consider Tonberries to be formidable opponents. A Tonberry knife wound does a lot of damage.

4 Dust sprites are a real threat in Stardew Valley

A mine level in Stardew Valley

Possibly inspired by soot sprites from Studio Ghibli movies, Stardew Valley is home to an enemy called Dust Sprites found deep within the mines. Like the other creatures out there, they pose a significant risk to players. They’re unforgiving no matter how their high-pitched sounds and bouncy animation describe them.

Dust Sprites are fast and if they detect a nearby player they will consume any rocks that stand between them and their prey. If a player has a lower combat level or inappropriate gear, a large number of Dust Sprites could easily overwhelm them.

3 Shy guys are a classic cute frenemy

shy guy

Although their first appearance was in an outdoor game, the Shy Guys have become a fixture in the Super Mario Brothers franchise. Their debut in the series was in Super Mario Brothers 2 in 1988. The Shy Guys are small masked figures wearing round face masks.

Over time, there have been several versions and colors of Shy Guy, but the traditional ones are dressed in red. Their masks have two large oval-shaped eyes and a small round mouth. This perpetually surprised expression removes any nastiness from their behavior.

2 Undertale is a treasure trove of cuteness

Vulkin and Moldsmal from Undertale

Almost all the enemies of Subtitle could be ranked among the cutest. For example, Vulkin is a small volcano with legs and a smiley face on their cone. They mistakenly believe that their lava can heal wounds and so throw fireballs at the player in an attempt to help them.

Another example is the Moldsmal, which does not want to fight and can be spared immediately. However, if players choose to flirt with or imitate the Moldsmal, they earn gold from the encounter. These are just two of the sweet and gentle beings that players can face. Subtitleand the best part is that players have the choice to be friends with them!

1 Waddle Dees are clearly the cutest enemies

A Waddle Dee from the Kirby franchise

Waddle Dees are residents of planet Popstar in the Kirby franchise. They are small, round creatures with an orange body, slightly lighter markings on their face and belly, and yellow legs. Their facial features are large brown eyes and blushing marks on their cheeks.

Waddle Dees are not violent creatures, although they will attack the player if given a good chance. However, they mostly waddle around the environment, as their name suggests. Despite being his enemies most of the time, Waddle Dees is almost cuter than the protagonist, Kirby, himself.

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