The Expanse finale leaves plenty of room for future games

The extent has lived an interesting life since his early days. The TV series started on Syfy before finding a home on Amazon’s streaming service where it just wrapped season six. Although the series creators do not consider the most recent season finale a sincere ending, it has been hinted that it will at least be a meaningful break in the current series of The extent. Even with this knowledge, it is clear that there are plans for The extent outside of TV and streaming, as a Telltale game was announced during The Game Awards live stream.


While Telltale does The extent may be concerning, the series as a whole has a lot of potential when it comes to future video games. For fans who haven’t gone into the literature associated with The extent, there are a lot of things that could be addressed in a game that relates to the time leading up to the main events of the TV series. Telltale’s use of Camina Drummer’s past as a starting point seems to provide a head start when it comes to exploring those early years, helping to further develop his character. However, with the somewhat shaky future that The extent a, there could be even more potential when it comes to expanding its story by picking up where season six left off.

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The future of scope

A spaceship from Telltale Games' upcoming game, The Expanse: A Telltale Series.

Seasons five and six of The extent were some of the most tense since the show’s first season and also introduced some of the biggest changes the show has seen so far. While some may have understood this to be the end of the show, the season six finale also leaves many important questions unanswered. Despite the revelation of the new Scope game, its earlier place in the series’ timeline will likely still leave these important questions unanswered for now. This is where other games might fill in the gaps or continue to push certain narratives forward instead of leaving them inconclusive.

Two of the most important stories relate directly to the crew of the Rocinante as well as the colony that funded Marco Inaros’ Free Navy. The emotional toll and impact of the crew of the Rocinante ending Marco Inaros will need to be addressed if the series plans to move forward, but the significance of this storyline could also be lost if translated into play. video instead of being carried out in new episodes. The circumstances around some human colonies on the other side of the rings might be a more solid starting point, however, and given all the source material The extent a, there is a lot to work on.

Building a story around those colonies that lie beyond the ring could be a great way to expand the massive universe further. The extent grows, with future games also able to learn something from most star wars Games. Its characters are already incredibly compelling with multi-faceted personalities and well-developed arcs, but the universe they live in has grown exponentially. There are many unknowns, and as entertaining as The extent has been, it’s unrealistic to expect the show’s main cast of characters to be the tool used to fill in every detail.

Given this fact and what has been shown in the systems connected by the rings, it seems fair to say that future games should start exploring more side stories in these places. This could leave The extent diversifying its storytelling and also breaking away from the main cast of the TV series. Breaking with the crew of the Rocinante could also allow The extent to further delve into the power dynamics at play in its universe and even help the show continue alongside other Amazon series like The boys.

Even if the season six finale aims to smooth out some of the show’s past and even out those power dynamics, it doesn’t seem likely that the path taken will be ironclad. Relations between Earth, Mars, and the Belters have been rocky throughout the series, and the Colonies Beyond the Rings have only underscored that. While grief, war, and peace can be unifying for humanity, the concern of what lies ahead has yet to be addressed by the series. Fortunately, the very open final of The extent leaves plenty of room for video games to begin this process.

The extent is currently in development.

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