The makers of Halo Infinite say your craziest stunts are in the series DNA

Monday a breathtaking Infinite halo video kept showing up on my Twitter feed which looked like something from a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speed race.

The video, from Australian YouTuber “Mint Blitz”, begins with Master Chief wielding a huge hammer behind a Warthog vehicle. In an impressive sequence that unfolds in seconds, Mint Blitz swings the hammer to send the Warthog flying while almost simultaneously using Master Chief’s new grappling hook on the vehicle to launch himself into the air like Spider-Man. As he hovers above the treetops of Zeta Halo, he uses thruster power-up – then, inexplicably, continues to fly forward. After 39 seconds in the air, it finally landed, sitting gracefully atop a tall tower that would likely otherwise be inaccessible.

Mint Blitz is almost certainly doing something Infinite halo developer 343 Industries never specifically intended. I can’t imagine players being supposed to be able to fly in a straight line without falling for more than half a minute. But from a conversation I had with 343 Industries, it looks like the studio is willing to let players figure out how to do such weird stunts and have no plans to fix things like that.

“It would actually have to be something that is blocking the game for us to want to stop it,” said Paul Crocker, associate creative director of 343 Industries. The edge. “I would love for someone to succeed in speeding up the game using a crazy combination of mechanics to make it happen.”

“Unless it’s the player’s progress or their ability to enjoy the game, we’re going to fix it,” adds character director Stephen Dyck. “These are the types of things that we correct. Otherwise, we like to see this stuff.

Dyck argues that pushing boundaries is something that “is part of Halo DNA. He gave the example of trying to jam a vehicle where technically you’re not supposed to. “If the player wants to invest the time and energy to do it, and ultimately succeeds and gets the vehicle where it technically wasn’t supposed to?” Awesome, ”he says.

Crocker told the story of a time when the development team spent two hours trying to get a ghost (a kind of alien hovercraft) into a certain building. “When they wrote this huge bug [report] about “I can bring in a Ghost, we need to fix this”, we said, “No. You are totally capable of doing it, ”Crocker said.

Seeing what the players end up doing also inspires the team for what they do down the line, according to Dyck. “We’ll see some interesting things that players gravitate towards, and we’re like, ‘Cool, yeah, we’ll take a look at that one. “”

Pushing worlds to their limits can extend the lifespan of games. People still actively shave in their spare time Breath of the wild speedruns more than four and a half years after its original release, for example. And Halo fans have already shown themselves to be a persistent bunch, having spent seven years trying to get into a cutscene room in Halo: scope.

343 Industries has not said what is the next step for Halo Infinite campaign, so we don’t know how the next chapter on Zeta Halo might play out. But while we wait for what’s to come, I can’t wait to see the cheats that dominate Mint Blitz’s epic heist on the map – and it looks like 343 will be too.

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