The Mandalorian is supposed to be in the works

A new rumor claims that a Star Wars MMO The Mandalorian has been developed on Xbox. The upcoming Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic video game remake will be exclusive to the Playstation 5 console. It should come as no surprise that Xbox also has its own Star Wars video game console.

Two sources are behind the new rumor, but key information is missing. The rumor mainly comes from Skullzi and Nick Baker on Twitter. The latter is one of the most prominent leakers/insiders in the Xbox world.

Developing a Star Wars video game

Baker relayed the first word that Zenimax Online was developing a Star Wars The Mandalorian gaming experience last year. We haven’t heard from him since. Skullzi, however, relayed that Zenimax Online was working on a Star Wars The Mandalorian game last year.

Skullzi clarifies that they are not insiders or leakers. They report rumors they hear “behind the scenes”. Baker has approved much of the information Baker provides to them.

Take all of this with a grain of salt. There have been rumors that Xbox is working on a Star Wars video game. However, we haven’t heard any mention of “Zenimax Online” and “The Mandalorian”. Despite this, fire is always present where there is smoke.

None of the parties involved has commented on this at the time of publication. This is unlikely to change for many reasons. However, we will update the story accordingly. It’s not official. Star Wars fans will love The Mandalorian. He revolutionized the franchise landscape. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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