These Guitar Hero and Rock Band accessories are worth a lot of money

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Music rhythm games boomed from the mid-2000s. You had plenty of peripherals for your Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo consoles, including dance pads, microphones, drum kits, and even bongos. The most popular accessories were guitar-shaped controllers, making it easy for anyone to feel like a rockstar.

Guitar Hero and Rock band were two of the biggest names in rhythm gaming. These games come with controllers to immerse you in the world of music performance. And guess what? Some of these accessories are worth a pretty penny.

Guitar Hero kicks off

Guitar Hero came first, launching the series in 2005. The first game came with a guitar controller and 47 songs spanning multiple genres. Later installments added drum controllers and microphones.

Ties to major guitar manufacturers such as Gibson meant you had name brand controllers. Expansion titles featured artists such as Metallica and Aerosmith, with in-game appearances.

The Guitar Hero series has been dormant since the release of “Guitar Hero Live” in 2015.

Rock Band joins the tour

The immense success of Guitar Hero meant that competitors weren’t far behind. The first Rock Band title was released in 2007 with 58 songs on disc and more available for download.

The Rock Band series included artists featuring the Beatles and Green Day and, in addition to guitar and drum controllers, offered a Paul McCartney-inspired bass guitar controller. There was even a “Lego Rock Band”.

2017 saw Rock Band’s latest release with “Rock Band VR”.

Check Equipment Prices on eBay

You hear the words “video games” and “precious”, you probably think of old sealed Super Mario games or other treasures like the one from the 1980s.

But video game collectors have varied tastes, and unique controllers are usually a hit. Guitar Hero and Rock Band fit perfectly into this collection niche. The fashion died out a few years ago, but not among hardcore fans.

Whether they want to put them on display or indulge in retro gaming on older consoles, people are looking for these accessories. And since they no longer make these instruments/controllers, adapters and dongles, they can only be found used.

Their need is your gain! We scoured eBay for the most expensive Guitar Hero and Rock Band listings. Check to see if you have one of those precious gaming peripherals lying around. You can win a few dollars or hit the jackpot!

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Top 5 Most Expensive Guitar Hero and Rock Band Kits/Packs

  1. A Box “Guitar Hero 5” for PlayStation 3 complete with everything in the box: guitar controller, disc, documents and the coveted USB dongle that lets you play wirelessly. Buy it now price: $4,444.
  2. This Rock Band 4 Band-in-a-Box Pack for PlayStation 4 comes with the game, a wireless Fender Stratocaster guitar controller, a wireless drum kit controller, and a USB microphone. The box is sealed but quite damaged. Buy it now price: $1,829.00
  3. This “Rock Band Rivals” Box Set for Xbox One bundles the game, a Fender Jaguar wireless guitar controller, a drum kit controller with metal bass drum pedal, and a microphone. It is new and sealed, with slight wear on the box. Buy it now price: $1,749.00
  4. Here are some cool accessories for the PlayStation 4 version of “Rock Band 4”. This lot includes the game, an ION Drum Rocker set with cymbals, Pearl bass drum pedal, Yamaha electronic bass drum pad, Roadie Kick Box RB, Fender Stratocaster guitar controller with wireless USB dongle, drumsticks and a microphone. It’s quite the kit. Buy it now price: $1,412.
  5. Got a bunch of dongles lying around? This group seller 52 Guitar Hero and Rock Band USB Wireless Adapters for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Wii. A little math reveals that dongles cost an average of $23 each in this list. It’s a bargain compared to what they sell individually, but these are usually tested before they’re listed. They are not. Buy it now price: $1,175.

Top 5 Most Expensive Guitar Hero and Rock Band Individual Accessories

  1. The PDP Wired Legacy Adapter was developed to allow gamers to use their old Xbox 360 Rock Band controllers on their new Xbox One. It also supported more advanced accessories such as the ION Drum Rocker and e-kit drum kits. This one does not come with the box, but the seller added a Madcatz Midi Pro adapter for Xbox 360. Buy it now price: $1,349.00.
  2. With “Rock Band 3”, a real Squier Stratocaster guitar has been fitted with hardware to make it compatible with the game. This has brought a new sense of realism to these rhythm games, and these guitars are highly sought after. This guitar comes with an Xbox 360 MIDI controller and cables. Buy it now price: $799.
  3. This Gene Simmons Ax Guitar Controller for the Wii is inspired by the legendary Kiss bassist’s instrument. Condition is new in box. Starting bid: $500.
  4. This Peak guitar controller works with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The body, neck, and headstock are made of real wood, and it comes with a PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 wireless adapter and a hard case. There is some damage, but the seller writes that the controller works. Buy it now price: $398.
  5. Here is an interesting list. This X-plorer guitar controller for the Xbox 360 is modeled after the Gibson Explorer. The seller writes that they won it in a radio contest in 2007. The guitar is signed to many bands including Breaking Benjamin, Sum 41, Finger 11, Seether, Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, Skindred, Fiction Plane and Operator. It comes with the original box and several event documents. buy It Now $550.

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