This desktop PC case has an LED panel on which you can play games

(Credit: InWin)

A case for your gaming PC? How about playing games at your PC case?

Taiwanese supplier InWin has created a new desktop chassis that can run three simple games on its built-in LEDs. The product expands on InWin’s original 309 desktop case, which includes a front panel with 144 ARGB LED lights that can be individually programmed to display a variety of custom lighting patterns.

(Credit: InWin)

Naturally, customers wondered if the panels could be used to run games. InWin heard the comments and decided to program the LEDs to support three games: a racing title, a platform game called Magi Jump, and a Tetris-like game called Blox.

As a result, InWin markets the revamped product as a “real gaming chassis”. To play the games, the box also comes with a controller.

The new model is specifically called the 309 Gaming Edition, but it’s unclear when and for how much it will launch. The original 309 case costs around $ 280.

The product itself comes with eight preset lighting effects, a few of which will react to sound coming through your PC’s microphone.

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Light effects
(Credit: InWin)

Homeowners can also use InWin’s Glow X software to create static and animated images for the LED panel. Animations can last up to 40 frames over 10 seconds.

The product itself is certified as a mid-tower case which is still roomy enough to fit an E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX motherboard. InWin has published a manual with more details on the specifications of the case.

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