This Lo-Fi Horror Game Makes You Play An Extra In The X-Files

As Safety Cabin: Director’s Cut (opens in a new tab)contemporary indie horror, The mortuary assistant (opens in a new tab), it’s not just the working simulator that its terse title might imply. There’s an undercurrent of horror and intrigue in the seemingly mundane premise that really makes it sing. The first-person horror game launched in expanded form on Steam on August 19.

The non-Director’s Cut version was available for free on (opens in a new tab)and is part of haunted ps1 (opens in a new tab) expanded universe. In Security Booth, you play as a security guard at Nova Nexus Laboratories in 1996, letting or refusing cars based on whether or not their license plates match a list of employees. However, all is not as it seems on the graveyard shift in Nova Nexus, and things are starting to get weird.

This free game serves as a nice demo for the $5 full version which launched on August 19th. the sinister headquarters of your infamous employer.

The free version already has a fantastic atmosphere with some good scares, and I love the concept of being a helpless spectator in what feels like a particularly good episode of The X-Files Monster of the Week. It’s also great to see more in-depth games coming out of Haunted PS1 quickies⁠ – Dread Delusion, another Haunted PS1 alum from Security Booth (opens in a new tab) has become one of my most anticipated games, and stay tuned for a more in-depth impression of Security Booth: Director’s Cut.

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