Tom Holland Wants To Make A Live-Action Jak & Daxter Video Game Movie

Ahead of its theatrical release, Uncharted star Tom Holland reveals he’d like to adapt another Naughty Dog game to film with Jak and Daxter.

Before its theatrical release, Unexplored Star Tom Holland has revealed he’d like to adapt another Naughty Dog game to film with Jack and Daxter. Holland plays Nathan Drake, the protagonist of Naughty Dog’s Unexplored series. the Jack and Daxter series of platforms launched in 2001 with Jak and Daxter: The Legacy of the Forerunnersfollowed by five more installments and three re-releases on later generation consoles.

Set before the events of the game series, Unexplored stars Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, who is drawn into a quest to find Ferdinand Magellan’s lost fortune by Mark Whalberg’s veteran fortune hunter, Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Together, the duo take on Antonio Banderas’ rival treasure hunter, Moncada, and his mercenaries, resulting in skirmishes in cargo planes, undercover jobs at parties, and ancient ruins. After a long and complicated development process, Unexplored will be released on February 11. The film attempts to correctly reproduce the Unexplored video game imagery, and Holland has already set his sights on another Naughty Dog franchise.


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Talk to GameSpot, Holland revealed his dream video game adaptation that he would like to work on in the future. Holland quickly responded saying he would like to adapt the Jack and Daxter series featuring it like the first, but with some interesting creative choices. The star jokingly explained that he would produce it alongside A24 to make the film darker and more unpredictable. Holland took things a step further, firmly stating that it would be live-action rather than animated, leading to an odd take on Naughty Dog’s other popular video game franchise. Check out Holland’s response below.

“I’d like to do a Jak and Daxter movie, and I’d play Jak. But I’d do it at A24, so it would be really weird, and like dark… Yeah, I’d do a really weird live-action version of Jak and Daxter .”

While UnexploredNaughty Dog’s marketing hopes to capture the spirit of the games on film, it’s not the only Naughty Dog property to have been adapted in recent years. In March 2020, HBO confirmed that they had started developing a TV series inspired by the popular The last of us video game, with writer Neil Druckman working with Chernobyl‘s Craig Mazin to write and develop the show. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have been cast as main characters Joel and Ellie, who will travel through an apocalyptic America to cure a fungus-based viral outbreak. The first HBO series to be inspired by a video game, The last of us was originally slated for a film adaptation before shifting focus to a television adaptation.

While Unexplored may be another positive move for video game adaptations to film, Sony or Naughty Dog are unlikely to take Holland’s idea to heart. While this can lead to weird and mind-bending visuals, many studios choose to adapt video games in ways that are recognizable for existing audiences, as seen with Unexploredis marketing. After all, video game adaptations are known to struggle with fans and critics alike, so Jack and Daxter maybe just too big of a risk. For now, fans will only have to imagine what horrors the Holland-produced A24 Jack and Daxter movie could hold.

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