Vampire Survivors 1.0 has weaponized fireworks

Never direct fireworks at others, unless the others are hordes of monsters and you are thrown into a vampire survivor race. Those fireworks that go off every time you open a coffin will be weaponized in Vampire Survivors 1.0 when the bite-sized survival game releases from Early Access this week.

Vampire Survivors 1.0 includes a new weapon called The Greatest Jubilee, and he uses those coffin-opening fireworks effects to devastate the ever-invading horde. The clip developer’s brief ponce showed that it’s hard to see exactly how it works: there are particle effects throwing the player character around and glowing Battle Star shards damaging enemies – but we can’t. Not quite sure if these explosions are from something the character is throwing, or if they’re constantly moving away at a fixed distance.

See what you can do with it:

Also notice the spotlight effect emanating from the bottom of the screen. It is a party!

You will unlock Greatest Jubilee by completing one of the new achievements in Vampire Survivors 1.0, called See the final fireworks.

Much more is coming in the “complete” version of Vampire Survivors, including a “B-side” for some of the games sound effects and musical stingersso if you’re tired of the fanfare that goes off when you open a chest, you can swap it out for another version.

Check out our Vampire Survivors weapon evolution guide to make sure you’ve made all the transformations possible.

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