Video game flirting who is bad at it

Video games have their fair share of characters with interesting or fun personalities that keep the player entertained. One such example of this is those poor characters who try so hard to find love by flirting with NPCs or the player, but fail miserably to get their point across.

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While very unfortunate for them, it can be hilarious for the player who saw this display of affection completely shut down or just wasn’t the best attempt to start. Many games, especially in the RPG genre, have those adorable flirtations with terrible pickup lines that always have the player rooting for them.


ten Bloodhound – Apex Legends

Bloodhound may not be considered a flirt, but recently in Apex Legends some sort of relationship develops between them and Fuse. All fans of the franchise will remember when Fuse was introduced to the game through a clip where he attempted to touch Bloodhound’s behind which ended with a gun pointed at him.

Since then, they’ve been doing pretty well, aside from their hilarious banter between the two of them. Bloodhound usually accidentally refers to Fuse as “My Mate” trying to imitate Fuse’s Australian jargon despite still being more romantic than expected, causing Bloodhound to get upset whenever Fuse questions him.

9 Henry – Firewatch

The story of fire watch is one that many players enjoy. This adventure game takes the player on the journey of a man named Henry who is a ranger for the Wyoming forest making sure no fires are started. He’s all alone without the person on the other side of the radio.

This person turns out to be a woman named Delilah whom Henry becomes close to. However, listening to the romantic dialogue between the two is very tragic. Some players consider the romance between them to be gritty while others find it amusing since it’s very obvious that Henry doesn’t know how to flirt with a woman. Especially in the form of a portable radio, no matter how hard you try.

8 Embroider – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Embroidering is probably the most obnoxious and arrogant romantic option of all Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, however, he watches over his brother and younger sister, so many players can’t blame him. After bonding with him, players will have a chance to have a brief romance.

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It’s really up to the player if they want Broder’s flirting attempts to fail as he begins to flirt very aggressively with Eivor. Players can let this moment continue, which can lead to an even funnier moment of accidentally or deliberately calling him after his brother, poor Broder.

Any player who has visited the Banner Mare in Whiterun will have encountered the flirtatious bard Mikael. It currently does not have much reputation in Skyrim but as he says he is working on this woman at once.

Even though he considers himself an idol, no one else in town seems to feel the same way about him. It’s funny to sit inside the tavern hearing him fail to flirt so he doesn’t pay the tabs. Players can even teach Mikael to watch his flirtation, especially when it comes to successful independent women like Carlotta that he won’t leave alone.

6 Inigo/Laslow – Fire Emblem

fire emblem has a wide variety of flirtatious characters to choose from across the franchise, but one flirt that seems to be having a hard time is Inigo from Fire Emblem Awakening also goes by the pseudonym Laslow in Fire Emblem Fates.

In both games, Inigo does his best to come across as an overconfident flirt who attracts all women, though deep beneath the surface is a very shy man, much like his mother Olivia. Although he flirts with every woman he meets, Inigo is always rejected, which is also seen in many of his bonding dialogues with the women of fire emblem which is sure to make the player laugh.

5 Alistair – Dragon Age Origins

The inexperienced Alistair can surprise players of Origins of the Dragon Age who wouldn’t consider it flirtatious. However, when he strikes up a romance with him, the flirtation he initiates with the player is adorable but also very funny.

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It’s normal because Alistair admits he’s never really been with a woman before. But that doesn’t stop it from saying really silly things like asking if the player has ever licked a lamppost in the winter, which can be a suggestive line, although it’s also very confusing. At least he has wit.

4 Garrus Vakarian – Mass Effect

Garrus is perhaps one of the best romances available to gamers. Mass Effect franchise, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the worst flirts in the game. He’s very charming, but poor turian is new to love, especially one that crosses species.

He tries his best to be romantic, like in a loving scene where he even tries to get the music and a bottle of wine to make it special. It all seems a bit too much for Shepard who has to encourage him not to try so hard.

3 The Sole Survivor – Fallout 4

NPC next to the player character itself in Fallout 4 can be quite the awful hilariously flirtatious. In order to successfully romance a character, a player must first have a decent charisma skill, for end-goal romances this skill must be at ten.

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Failing the Charisma roll to flirt with a character can have funny repercussions as the Sole Survivor is completely dejected by the companion they are trying to make swoon. Let the player either reload and try again, or walk away with their tail between their legs.

2 Yu Narukami – Persona 4 Gold

Although Yu has his fair share of romances to try, which he does, at one point in the game players have the chance to face off against his classmates Yosuke and Kanji in a pick-up contest at the train station. Okina.

The goal of the pageant is to pick up as many women as possible, and the lines are horrendous. Although you’d think Yu is good at seducing women, some of his lines are very funny, while others are blunt, like simply admitting to two old women that he’s trying to flirt with them.

1 Geralt – The Witcher series

Geralt seems to attract all young girls while exploring the world, however, many players are surprised how this is even possible with the flirtations he offers. A rugged appearance and a deep voice can only take a man so far before what he says is questioned, and a lot of things this witcher says should be questioned.

One of his worst flirtatious times is with Yennefer while they’re at a funeral where he just can’t help himself and compliments how good she smells…not the best time for Geralt.

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