Video game movie kills him again in streaming

Video game movie kills him once again in streaming. Earlier this year, the Mortal combat returned to screens for the Warner Bros. reboot. from the old film series. And while it has gotten the usual mixed reviews that we always expect from game-based movies, it has proven to be a huge hit with audiences and comes across as the most popular HBO Max original on the platform. -form. So it’s no surprise that it is rising up the charts again as 2021 draws to a close.

According to the latest statistics from Flix Patrol, Mortal combat climbed 20 spots on the charts this weekend and is currently the 18th most viewed movie on HBO Max. After such a big jump, it seems logical that he will continue to move closer and closer to the top 10 over the next week or so. It’s not the only 2021 film that is finding new love on the service right now either, as Godzilla vs. Kong is just above in 17th and The suicide squad is perched on the 14th.

Mortal combat stars Lewis Tan as the original Cole Young, a failed martial artist who puts his own life and that of his family in danger when he is hunted down by the Sub-Zero assassin (Joe Taslim). But when he teams up with a clique of chosen fighters to defeat Outworld’s Earthrealm, Cole will discover there is a great destiny of his own. Jessica McNamee plays the role of Sonya Blade while Mehcad Brooks is Jax, Ludi Lin is Liu Kang, Chin Han is Shang Tsung and Hiroyuki Sanada plays Scorpion.

Unsurprisingly, given its phenomenal streaming numbers, Warner is moving forward with at least one sequel, but likely various spinoffs and ramifications on top of that. And the latest update suggests Mortal Kombat 2 is finally coming somewhere. For now, however, you can check out or rediscover the first one on HBO Max.

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