What is the best Matrix video game?

Matrix-related games have helped advance the tradition of the blockbuster movie series, but which of the titles released has done the best job in the eyes of critics?

Matrix resurrections and The matrix awakens The game no doubt prompts longtime fans to recall their past experiences with the genre-defining franchise. Outside of movies, video games have been a medium used to extend the tradition of the series in new ways. But more than a decade after the most recent one, what have these games offered to fans, and are they still holding up in 2021?

Averaging the critical scores from Metacritic and the Internet Games Database, let’s take a look at the top three Matrix video games. While Enter the matrix, The Matrix: Neo’s Path and The online matrix may not be for everyone, what they offer is at least worth exploring lightly. Plus, like the movies, some entries also offer detailed controls that wouldn’t be in mainstream games for years to come.

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3. The online matrix – 59.5 / 100

Directed by Les Wachowski, The online matrix takes the concept of the Matrix system and gives it to the players. Now, real people can enter the simulated world as their own characters in a title described as a continuation of the story. The game was released in 2004 and is an MMORPG that allows players to create their own character and choose classes, go on missions, and join different organizations.

While The online matrix has the standard MMO layouts, the idea of ​​living in the Matrix in a canon world sells history. From a control perspective, players can switch from gun combat to bullet / martial arts combat. Unfortunately, while the game was entertaining, dwindling support and mixed to average reviews led to the game’s servers shutting down in 2009.

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2. Enter the matrix – 60.5 / 100

Enter the matrix was the first video game to be released for the franchise and was playable on PC, Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2. The game, written and directed by the Wachowski sisters, follows Niobe and Ghost on an adventure that sees them intersect with Neo and Morpheus. Although it contains live action scenes, with Jada Pinket Smith and Anthony Wong reprising their roles, the game is still a traditional third-person action game.

From a control standpoint, players can perform movie-like stunts, featuring shootouts, bullet time, and martial arts. Players can also control Niobe’s hovercraft, the Logos, to escape the machines. Enter the matrix is often rated as mediocre, as the controls are not perfect and players have preferred to play the actors in the movies. That being said, the history of the game offers a lot for die-hard fans.

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1. The Matrix: Path of Neo – 69.5 / 100

Of the three games released so far, those from 2005 The Matrix: Neo’s Path offers everything fans could ask for in a game: the ability to control the One. Neo Path is not an expansion of the series, but rather acts as one of the greatest hits movies featuring some of Neo’s most exciting battles. However, the game also expands its crucial cinematic moments. For example, in the movie, Neo takes the red pill when he meets Morpheus, but in the game players can choose the blue pill when given the choice.

Neo PathThe combat of s was also very advanced for the time, offering combat controls similar to what Batman: Arkham Asylum uses. But by mixing the action with great shooting game controls, players can take on a lot of enemies, even fighting off the hordes of agents of The Matrix Reloaded. Due to its controls, critics said the game had a lot to offer, but was limited by the technology of its day.

The matrix the games have been far from perfect, but what they offer in terms of innovation and storytelling makes the titles worth playing, especially for die-hard fans. While they are hard (and, in The online matrixcase, impossible) to access these days, these games still hold an important and interesting place in the history of the franchise, giving fans a reason to look forward to anything. The matrix awakens‘The Unreal Engine 5 experience turns out to be.

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