Why Cowboy Bebop is Perfect for a Video Game Adaptation

Cowboy Bebop is an iconic animated series, and yet it never received a proper video game adaptation. Here’s how to change that.

It’s been over 20 years since the original Cowboy Bebop the anime made its debut, and at that point it grew into one of the most groundbreaking and influential animated series of all time. With a mix of space opera, noir, comedy, and westerns, all rolled into a beautifully animated action-adventure, the show still plays out as a one-of-a-kind adventure. However, despite his massive popularity and iconic status, Cowboy Bebop has never really been properly adapted for the video game world.

Despite the series’ continued popularity, it has produced only two games to date, both developed by Bandai prior to its merger with Namco. The first, simply titled Cowboy Bebop, was a 1998 spaceship shooter released for PlayStation. Bandai followed up on this rather lukewarm entry with the equally forgettable Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no Serenade, a beat’em up only in Japan, released in 2005 on PlayStation 2. With live-action imminent Cowboy Bebop With the Netflix show slated for release next month, many fans are once again wondering why this series hasn’t had more video game adaptations? The time has come for a new Bebop game, and classic anime is still perfectly suited for a video game adaptation.

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One of the most vital reasons why past attempts to Cowboy Bebop games failed is that the scope of each entry does not match the epic nature of the anime. A Bebop game deserves to have a budget that will allow it to carry out its adventures well. The anime features tense space battles, martial arts brawls, shootouts, and more than a fair chunk of locations across the galaxy. A game adaptation should at least try to match this level of spectacle for a good adaptation to the job. Games of the past focused on just one aspect of the series and failed to capture what made the anime work so well: the vast scope of an adventure where anything can and does happen.

Throughout the series’ narrative, protagonist Spike Spiegel and his partner Jet Black roam the galaxy as bounty hunters, hunting down dangerous bounties and going on ridiculous drifts. The couple even end up rounding up other allies in femme fatale Faye Valentine, master hacker Edward, and even super-intelligent “data” dog Einstein. Whether or not a new game begins with the iconic crew already intact on a new mission, or follows the series’ narrative, it must feature unique adventures that put these great characters in a variety of exciting situations as well as a variety of game mechanics.

Cowboy BebopThe narrative setup of is the one that works well for video games, as each mission could be a new target of bounties for players to face. By making a game that revolves around finding bounty targets, each mission could mix up gameplay and match the galactic nature of the show by constantly changing things up on players. One mission could have Spike stalking a bounty solo on foot, only to chase the target through the streets and directly into a spaceship air combat, as the show has done in many episodes. Another might have players scouring the dingy nooks and crevices of a slum, looking for clues and tips on how to track down a dangerous target and it all turns into a tense shootout when the target ambushes them. players.

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Additionally, the Bebop ship itself could act as a hub between missions, with players able to watch the Big Shot TV show for information on new targets. Players could even choose from a list of targets, with each Woolong bounty placed on individual criminals representing the difficulty of the mission. From there, the game could allow players to choose a preferred character between Spike, Faye, or Jet and take on the mission from a third person perspective. Missions could even be set up as radiant quests, taking over different planets to provide side bounties that players can continue to take on outside of the story arc. This would not only allow the game to feature gameplay that reflects the kinetic action of the series, but would also provide the excellent world-building of the game. Bebop universe.

The prospect of full realization Cowboy Bebop Gaming is a game that is bursting with potential, and with the new show set to receive a big boost from Netflix, the timing couldn’t be better to give fans the adaptation of the game this series deserves. Hopefully, if the new show turns out to be a success, fans can roam the stars with Spike and company in a game that nails this iconic animated adventure.

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