You can now play Doom without even loading your PC

There are Doom ports for everything under the sun, from Game & Watch to Minecraft to a digital camera, so being able to run the classic FPS game on a regular PC isn’t all that impressive – but it is if you want. ‘ve barely turned on. The latest Doom port lets you run it directly from a PC BIOS firmware, which makes Doom bigger than Windows.

Doom is one of the most famous old classic PC games of all time and it’s still perfectly playable today, but for some reason the whole world is obsessed with bringing it to so many platforms. forms as possible – from small PCs to a SEGA Genesis to a restaurant. And now it’s playable as part of a system BIOS.

Coreboot is an open-source BIOS system firmware, and update 4.17 came out today (via Tom’s Hardware). It supports a load of new motherboards, a new bootloader, and yes, Doom. Users can create “payloads” to add ROM code to Coreboot, including some base games that load into the linear frame buffer – and now, someone made doom for this.

If you try it, expect it to be heavy and only playable with PS/2 keyboards, no sound, no saves, and only basic graphics. Nonetheless, Doom still runs on a system BIOS, so we can check this one out on the list of “things Doom still isn’t playable on”.

Some of the more unexpected things Doom is playable on include: a pregnancy test, Twitter, a GoPro drone controller, and plenty of crabs. It’s only a matter of time before you can also play Doom on PCGamesN. Oh wait.

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